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About us

Canberra Dingo Hire is equipped with two, easy to operate mini diggers. We also have a wide range of attachments to get your next job done. Whether it be on a job site or around the home, using a Dingo is a great time saving and cost effective solution.

You can hire the Dingo on a daily basis to drive yourself, or on an hourly rate if you require a driver. Daily hire includes drop off, on-site coaching and pickup from approved areas within Canberra and surrounding areas. 

Our rates are very competitive and if you are driving the Dingo yourself we will make sure you are up-to-speed and confident in its operation. If needed, we will offer advice on how to tackle your job and phone help is always available should you need it.

K9-P Dingo

A Overall Width 840mm-1035mm
B Overall Length 1600mm
C Overall Height 1200mm
D Max operating height 4in1 2650mm
E Turning Raduis with 4in1 Bucket 1300mm
F Angle of Departure 25º
G Wheel Base 800mm
H Ground Clearance 135mm
I Dump Height Std Bucket 1450mm
J Dump Height 4in1 Bucket 1835mm
K Reach Fully Raised 4in1 Bucket 800mm
L Height to Hinge Pin 1940mm
M Machine width 4in1 bucket 1050mm - 1200mm